Rapid Sketching- Visual Recording and Exploration

The following is placeholder tex fast paced, recording, geration, the faster and more , the greater the breadth of exploration.







Idea Generation, Creative Workshop facilitation

The following is communication, wrkshop techniques and activites.








Concept Development and Masterplanning

This includes coordination of stakeholder input and ideas.







Business System analysis, Website Structuring & Story-boarding

The Architecture, systems, efficiency,

website. structure and how works with broader marketting package and business systems.

storyboarding, film,







Graphic Rendering

The 'Hero' images, marketing




Stephen Dobson

Skills in quick sketching, and idea exploration. Understands the value of wde range explorations at the start of a prject to send in the m.  worked for 6 years in local canberra Architectural practice, . skills. to recognise and reinterpret systems, balance , self awareness of designcritical & creative thinking.

Awards & Qualifications

  • ANU National Undergraduate Scholarship, 2005

  • ANU Regional Artists Scholarship, 2006

  • Bachelor of Visual Arts, Painting, ANU, 2008

  • Advanced Diploma of Building Design, CIT, 2012

  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, UC, 2017

Other initiatives

Stephen is the managing owner of a fast growing residential Design company Matilda Homes Pty Ltd, providing efficient, practical, environmentally responsible, custom residential design solutions to clients in NSW & ACT [matildahomes.com.au], and, complimentary to 'Draw,Explore', Stephen also started 'Project Priority', a Project Management and consultation service especicially suited to Educational and Institutional clients undertaking major building works. Project Priority uses metrics and information gathering tools to help establish, clarify and communicate project priorities and prepare quality briefing documentation as well as offering client advocacy and communication assistance during project and Project Management services more broadly to help ensure that those client goals and priorities are met.


HAVE YOU GOT A QUICK HAND?- Currently Seeking to grow the team..

  • Visual Artist , Graphics development, with exceptional rendering skills

  • Workshop facilitator/rapid sketcher,  with exceptional communication skills and personality, Architectural/Landscape/Urban design/Product/Web Design experience favored.

  • Marketing Specialists, Business systems analysts, Change Architects with fast and clear drawing abilities with exceptional communication skills.


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'Draw, Explore' is managed by Matilda Homes Pty Ltd. Operating in the ACT and surrounding regions, the Riverina, the NSW South Coast, Matilda Homes is a Residential Design company dedicated to delivering comfortable, practical and appropriate residential design solutions that fit the needs of our clients and are fit for the Australian environment. Visit www.matildahomes.com.au for more information.